when it's time to relax
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Session Etiquette

Your experience is important to us!
Here are some friendly tips that will help us provide the best experiences possible.


In order to provide the best experience possible we ask that you try to be on time. We have built about a 10 minute window of grace into our scheduling for you incase you are running behind but if you are running later than this and someone is scheduled after you we may have to shorten your session time.


Being comfortable is really important as it will allow you to relax quicker and get the best session possible. We recommend you wear light natural fiber clothing like cotton or hemp or silk. Wearing jewelry during your session is not recommended so feel free to leave the accessories at home or in the car.


There are a few ways you can prepare for you session. We recommend being hydrated and free of stimulants, like coffee. Plan to turn your ringer off or even better to put your phone into airplane mode during your session. Other ways you can prepare are being rested or mentally free from the activities of your day.


While in the building or in our waiting area we ask for our guests to keep their voice lowered as a courtesy to our other practitioners. During your session allow yourself to relax and meditate. If you have questions we recommend asking them before or after your session.


We could all use a little more bliss in our lives and kindness is a form of bliss . If your feeling off when you arrive try to keep your thoughts on the bliss of your upcoming session. After your sessions take that higher vibration and pay it forward. Maybe try finding a way to compliment a stranger.


Being hydrated is especially important when using Theraphi as water is the bodies source of hydrogen, your true fuel. If you experience dehydration doing several sessions it could easily mean you might be going to fast and not maintaining proper hydration.