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We have a lot of experience with Theraphi and we get asked questions everyday.
Here are some of the more common Theraphi related questions.

What should I wear for my session?

We realize it’s not always feasible but when possible and to maximize the effectiveness of Theraphi we recommend light and loose natural fiber clothing like cotton, hemp or silk.  We also recommend leaving your jewelry and accessories at home or removing them prior to your session. For our female customers we do not recommend wearing an underwire bra to your Theraphi session as the metal prevent you from getting the maximum benefit.

How long is a session?

Our online booking system will block out 40 minutes of time for you however your actual session time is only 30 minutes. During this time we begin with the Theraphi on for approximately 10 minutes, then we turn it off for about 10 minutes and then we turn it back on for the remainder of your session. During the time the Theraphi is off we suggest staying in your relaxed meditative place until the session is complete.

What can I expect to feel?

Theraphi is broad spectrum and because everyone is different prefer not to set expectations.

In our opinion and experience there is a direct link between the feeling you get using Theraphi and the connectedness of that which surrounds you. For example an analytical person who might have a self described “monkey brain” isn’t as likely to feel the Theraphi physically. If a person is an empath and can “feel” that which is around them then they are much more likely to describe a variety of possible feelings. A couple of examples include a “loving energy” or a “wave of energy” going through their body.

If it is your goal to become more connected to those that are around you we believe the extended use of Theraphi can and will eventually lead to this quality.

How many sessions should I do?

This is a very common question but before answering it we feel it best to say that the word “should” is probably not an ideal word. This is because there really isn’t a black and white answer to the question.  With that said here are some thoughts we recommend considering:

“Am I establishing an anti-aging or longevity protocol for myself?”
If this is a yes as it is for many of our customers then we suggest just creating a protocol that is within reason for you. Most of the people we have met do not try and calculate how many more days they have left “aging” and in the same fashion we don’t suggest trying to calculate how many more days you can spend anti-aging.

“Do I have a *health or wellness goal”
In many cases our customers are creating a holistic wellness protocol for themselves and if you are seeking generic wellness guidance we are happy to give you tips and suggestions to help you achieve your wellness goals.

*If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition or believe you may have a undiagnosed medical condition then we must insist you seek professional medical care. uBlissity does not provide any healthcare services, and we are not medical professionals. In addition Theraphi is not a medical device. If your current medical doctor is unwilling to work with you and the Theraphi technology we are happy to put you in contact with a licensed medical professional that will.

“Is this a hobby for you?”
Many of our customers love to meditate and/or simply love to pamper themselves. In a noisy, electrosmog laden city environment it can often be hard to find an experience anywhere close to that of a uBlissity Theraphi experience and how often do you need Theraphi in your life is really not for us to say.

Are there any negative side effects?

For light Theraphi use it’s fairly easy to say “no” although there are exceptions, but for others who may be doing a run of sessions,  “sometimes” is probably a better answer. The negative side effects we are referring to are primarily known as a herxheimer reactions (Which we affectionately call “the grumpy bump”. This type of  “negative side effect of Theraphi” is much more related to the body restoring order (cleaning out the house) out than specifically to Theraphi.

In our experience the customers that have this type of reaction are generally aware of something going on in their life, be that toxic habits or a disease complex. It is our feeling that this is a detoxification reaction.

Another potential “negative side effect of Theraphi” is dehydration and is more likely to happen when doing several session within a close period of time. This can also lead to lowered electrolyte levels. If you plan to do a run of sessions we strongly recommend boosting your water intake and adding some pink himalayan salt to support your electrolytes.

How will I know if its working for my __________ ?

This generic but often asked question assumes you are referring to a medical condition that has been diagnosed by a doctor. We must again emphasize that we are not doctors and legally we can not and do not give medical advice. We can however put you in touch with doctors who are holistic minded and would be happy to have a new patient they can help in safe and professional way.