Favorable EMF Frequency Patterns in Cancer…

Frequency study has huge implications

Tesla spoke of frequency most eloquently.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

In this post, I will share with you a new cancer study that is a perfect fit for the scientific side of the Bliss Blog.

The study was done by Dirk K. F. Meijer from University of Groningen, from the Netherlands and Hans J. H. Geesink from Biophysics Group, from the Netherlands, it is titled:

Favourable and Unfavourable EMF Frequency Patterns in Cancer: Perspectives for Improved Therapy and Prevention


Because you may like to read the cancer study or the 24 pages of citations you can click on the Scientific Research logo for direct access.

If you prefer the cliff notes of the frequency study, keep reading.

The first of these notes is probably the most important.

Relevant Conflicts of Interest / Financial Disclosures
The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.
This is a most noteworthy detail to point out because as I continue through this study it could appear that there was an underlying bias by the authors, which is not the case.


This is an unbiased and extensive scientific study of the use of frequencies on cancer cells. A tremendous correlation has been shown between the good that has been discovered with the use of certain frequencies on various cancers and the underlying physics of  Theraphi. A technology Dan Winter and Paul Harris have had commercially available for almost 2 years.

Let us dig into some of the highlights of the frequency study.

Cancer Is Due to a State of Loss of Internal Cellular Organization and em Coherence

This is the hypothesis the authors reached. This is to say that losing cellular order and em coherence is pro-cancer and that increased cellular order and higher coherence is anti-cancer. If you are not familiar with Theraphi, its underlying functionality is increasing order with higher em coherence at the cellular level.

Coherence versus Loss of Coherence in Relation to Cancer

They go on to say:  "We proposed: 12 coherent reference semi-harmonic frequencies: 256, 269.8, 288, 303.1, 324, 341.2, 364.7, 384, 404.5, 432, 455.1, 486 Hz, Then they follow this up with "All other frequencies, situated below or above the range of Figure 2, can be simply derived by octave hierarchy. This image, created by the researches, shows the vibration size of a higher frequency as the same size as a lower vibration. This is a deceptive way of drawing it. An accurate way is depicted at the bottom of this post. If these benefits to life frequencies were re-plotted it would look like a Theraphi wave collapsing.

Let's look at what is being said a little closer.

After all of their research, they decided to propose a set of 12 anti-cancer frequencies. Keep in mind these researchers are proposing this, because they do not yet know, its their best guess. After they propose the 12 frequencies they go on to say, in essence, that any other frequencies can be deducted by "Octave Hierarchy"

What have they concluded

As a result of this cancer frequency study "They have concluded"

  1. Certain Frequencies working together as a team are anti-cancer,
  2. The researchers highlight a group of 12 frequencies. We review these examples in more detail below.
  3. They end the paragraph by pointing to an ability to get more frequencies from a structure of more "Octaves"

Octaves contain notes and notes are only notes because they related directly to phi ratio.  Lets see how close their proposed frequencies come to being on PHI ratio. Keep in mind these researchers are trying to "figure it out" and these are their best guesses. Keep in mind that all of the research they have reviewed, over 24 pages of citations, was also an attempt to help them dial in these "best guesses"

Prior to and after these 12 anti-cancer  frequencies are lower and higher beneficial  frequencies, according to the study. In contrast they also found 12 frequencies that helped promote cancer.

Putting the Frequencies into Perspective

Lets put their "12 best guesses for anti cancer frequencies"  into perspective and see what they really are. One way to visualize this is to divide their guess of each frequency with an actual phi based musical note and see if anything shows up.

The authors of the study proposed 256 hertz, for example,  as a key anti-cancer frequency. In the musical scale 256.87 is listed as a C note. When we divide these two numbers they are .9966 close to each other. This is to say that their guess of 256 hertz is 99.66% close to an actual musical note, which exists as a result of phi ratio. Lets look at all 12 of the frequencies now.

Some of the studies best frequency guesses for being anti cancer.
  1. 256 hz ------ 256 / 256.87 = 99.66%
  2. 269.8 hz ------ 269.8 / 272.14 = 99.14%
  3. 288 hz ------ 288/ 288.33 = 99.88%
  4. 303.1 hz ------ 303.1 / 305.47 = 99.22%
  5. 324 ------ 323.63/ 324 = 99.88%
  6. 341.2 ------ 341.2 / 242.88 = 99.50%
  7. 354.7 ------ 354.7 / 363.27 = 97.64%
  8. 384 ------ 384/ 384.87 = 99.77%
  9. 404.5 ------ 404.5 / 407.75 = 99.20%
  10. 432 ------ 432/ 432 = 100%
  11. 455.1 ------ 455.1 / 457.69  = 99.43%
  12. 486 ------ 484.9 / 486 = 99.77%

After these 12 are other octaves, as the frequency study mentions.

Averaging the best guesses

Within the frequency study shows that the frequencies have an average PHI ratio accuracy of 99.42 percent!

NOTE: When a single frequency is added to another single single frequency a new frequency is created, this new frequency is harmonic when the frequencies used have phi ratio involved. For example if we see our Fibonacci sequence 1,2,3,5,8,13   some notes will be at a ratio of 1/2 (first two numbers) some will be at a 2/3) 2nd two numbers, while other will be at 3/5 the 3rd set of numbers. The key to the phi ratio in music is not necessarily to add one frequency to the next like 256.87+272.14=529 (529.01 is not a note). The reason notes are in phi ratio is because when when two notes become 1 new note a sort of fractal implosion occurs when they are at phi ratio. In the Frequency study the authors point out that frequencies are more useful when used in conjunction with other frequencies. Only when phi ratio is used correctly in the frequencies will it allow for the octave hierarchy mentioned in the cancer frequency study.

Despite this the authors never mention PHI ratio, or seem to see the correlation. Because this has been so obvious to Dan Winter and Paul Harris they named their invention, TheraPHI, after this key ratio. Theraphi also utilizes frequencies on this ratio in octaves above and below.

The image directly below was prepared by Dan Winter and it highlights some of these other key PHI ratio based frequencies and correlates them with the study and their anti-cancer effects. It is important to keep in mind Dan uses "Plank Time" this aspect can be misunderstood with fixed frequency charts that take a static approach. For an non living equation it may be okay but to apply a frequency harmonically to that of a living organism requires the time variable be in the equation, you are after all a note in the universe. When this factor becomes known to the world the Theraphi frequencies will be better understood.

Visualize these 12 key PHI based frequencies as a narrow band spectrum of anti-cancer frequencies. You can visualize adding key PHI frequencies above and below this octave. Including these creates a broad spectrum effect and this is exactly what Theraphi has been doing for 2 years.

If, as a result of this post, you have a better understanding of the implications of this frequency study please share it with your friends on social media.

The Theraphi Energy Flow


Theraphi tubes, as well as the energy it creates, are symbolized by the two green arrows. This energy permeates each cell in your body. As a result it brings with it the life giving benefits of order. This order is clearly described in this cancer frequency study above.

Finally, the red arrows symbolize the headwind we call life. The more technical term for this is headwind is "Entropy". The Theraphi  energy flows precisely in the opposite direction of this "Entropy". It is thus the worlds first "Neg-Entropy" device, for real rejuvenation.