A Best Friends Best Friend

Your best friend will love Theraphi too.

Give your best friend some bliss!

Mans Best Friend as they say, pictured above is our oldest who loves Theraphi!

Do you have a "Best Friend" that is needing help but can't afford those big business costs? Well good news, Theraphi is now available!

What will your dogs think of Theraphi?

They will love it!

This last Christmas I visited my family in MN and Alli went to Oregon with a Theraphi to share with her family. As it unfolded she had about 10 people a day coming out to the house for sessions! It also really opened her eyes to how much the dogs love being around it.

Dogs will need to step up their game. Right now it appears Theraphi is poised to take the title "Mans Best Friend"

So the entire month Alli was in Oregon she would constantly have to take the dogs away from the Theraphi, especially Gunner who would get as close as possible. It is very obvious to us, as owners, that his wheezing cough is greatly diminished within the field, often within the first minute.

Here is the back story on the wheezing.  Gunner, (pictured to the right) fell into a swimming pool when he was a puppy and nearly drowned. It was a scary event but with a miracle, he survived. As he has gotten older he has developed an occasional wheezing type cough that we feel is related to that experience when he was a puppy.

When your pet is needing care and you simply cannot afford the expensive big business bills maybe a best friend Theraphi session is the way to go?  The science of Theraphi is the science of biology. More specifically the physics of biology. The physics that apply to your body also applies to that of your best friend.

Pets Love Theraphi


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