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HeaWea MicroGen – Wellness Technology

At uBlissity we strive to serve and serve reliably. We do not often recommend products and this is because most products simply do not deliver enough value or benefits for us to put
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uBlissity Las Vegas is moving and expanding!

These last few years have been an amazing journey!. We love bringing Theraphi to the world and it is our passion. We have had our share of mountains to climb, but now, after
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Colloidal Silver Science

  Colloidal Silver is well known in the holistic and alternative scenes and yet still seems relatively unknown to the mainstream. At uBlissity, we are often asked about “colloidal silver,” and we are
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GANS… what is it and what you need to know.

GANS… What is it and what you need to know. At uBlissity, our area of expertise is happiness, Theraphi, plasma physics, general wellbeing, etc, but we are not chemists. We do however have
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Industry Spotlight – Food and Agriculture

Plants love Theraphi and it is the only tool in the world capable of treating food in a way that is the polar opposite of irradiating it. George Lakhovsky who invented the Multiwave
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Industry Spotlight – Animal Care

Pets face many of the same real-world issues we as humans face. Air quality, water quality and food quality all playing critical parts in the health of  our pets. The cost of pet
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