Our story is still being written, it is a story of oneness and of grand changes for humanity. We started uBlissity in 2016, very shortly after Dan Winter and Paul Harris released Theraphi to the world.

We have been offering Theraphi services in the public domain for over 3 years now and have gain a tremendous respect for the power of this technology. We intent to push forward on our path in bringing Theraphi to everyone who needs it!


uBlissity offers personalized wellness packages utilizing holistic technologies. Our services are deeply relaxing and highly rejuvenating. Officially we are west coast distributor for Theraphi and we are also the only company worldwide to offer both Theraphi leasing and Theraphi Sales.


Over the coming years uBlissity has grand plans of expansion. We see our healing centers located across the country and we see our customers living longer, happier and healthier lives.

Beyond this, our vision extends to a global network of pet centers utilizing the Theraphi technology. We see unneeded and unwanted euthanasias falling away and thanks to the broad spectrum nature of Theraphi we also see it being heavily utilized in greenhouses and the agriculture industry as a whole.


As a wellness center our mission is to create a powerful opportunity for you to live the vibrant life you deserve and as an official Theraphi technology partner it is our mission to facilitate and support a strong frontline through the development of best practices and eventually a Theraphi certification program.

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