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Who could use Theraphi

In the last year Theraphi has been used around the world by people from many walks of life. Theraphi is currently being used in over 14 countries and growing.

Since Theraphi is not a medical device no medical claims can made, this however has not stopped people who suffer from trying out a Theraphi. The testimonials that have resulted from their experiences have often seemed to good to be true. If you are the type of person that needs to hear it direct, we’d be glad to put you in touch with actual users, some of whose stories can be read on the website or our website if you are so inclined.

The feedback that Theraphi users have reported to-date is showing that just about everyone might benefit, but since everyone is different each person experiences Theraphi in their own way. A healthy person may feel a bit more energy or appear younger, whereas a person who has no energy at all might feel a tremendous amount of energy. If you are learning to meditate or have been meditating for years, Theraphi can help you reach that still point with ease.

If the quality of your life is being hampered by physical pain, migraines, inflammation, low energy, anxiety, sleep issues, poor memory function, digestive problems, lack of focus, among many other conditions, then Theraphi might be just what you have been looking for.

How It works


The plasma field

Plasma is the most abundant form of matter. It makes up over 99.99% of the universe, in fact even your own aura is a form plasma. Theraphi creates a field of plasma, its in this field of plasma that the recharging PHI harmonics of are delivered.


Phi in the field

PHI, also known as the Golden Mean ratio, is present in all life and all matter. You may have read about it in the spirals of a sunflower or the wings of a dragonfly. Theraphi recreates this golden mean spiral electrically and then embeds it into the plasma field. In doing so Theraphi has created the worlds first “Bio-Active Plasma Field” for recharging the body.


Feel phine fast

Because both your mind and body opperate on this “PHI Freeway”, figuratively speaking, the Thereaphi energy is able to be utilized quickly and easily by the body to restore harmony as well as balance. This represents a revolutionary advance in wellness and rejuvenation!

The Theraphi Experience


Before your Theraphi session

If possible please come in a little early, we will give you a nice glass of fresh water to hydrated you before your session. It would be great if you were relaxed, in a good state of mind and free of stimulants. For your first session we will ask you to fill out some new customer paperwork and then go over any questions you may have prior to your session.


During your Theraphi session

After removing your wallet and all electronics, like your cell phone, watch, keys etc. you begin to relax on the Theraphi table. After a couple of minutes settling in, the Theraphi will quietly turn on. Some people report feeling the Theraphi energy, others do not. Those who do feel it generally describe it as a gentle cool breeze. At this point you dont have to do anything, just close your eyes and relax. In about 10 minutes the Theraphi will quietly shut off. When it does, many people are so relaxed that they don’t even notice. If you are doing a single seesion we will give you another glass of fresh water and send you on your way. If you are doing a double session we will leave the Theraphi off for the next 10 minutes while you relax, undisturbed, and then repeat.


After your Theraphi session

Although it has only been about 10 minutes since you began your Theraphi session there is a great chance you will feel calm and relaxed. We encourage you to take a few minutes to just enjoy the moment. Now that your session is over it is very important to stay hydrated, drinking lots of good quality spring water is highly recommended. You may find, depending on the time of day, how much rest you’ve had etc, that you are charged up and ready to take on the world, or you may find your body is asking for some time to rest, often times to detoxify. If you’re planning your first Theraphi session it might be wise to give yourself time after the session to rest or reflect incase you feel it is needed.

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